7 days. So, you have to change the retention time to 1 second, after which the messages from the topic will be deleted. Then, you can go ahead and change the retention time of the topic back to 168 hours. Tested with kafka 0.10. 1.

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Solved: is it possible for after consuming data from kafka topic data is deleted using java api please help me for this.. The easiest way to purge or delete messages in a Kafka topic is by setting the retention.ms to a low value. retention.ms configuration controls how long messages should be kept in a topic. Once the age of the message in a topic hits the retention time the message will be removed from the topic. Note the below steps delete or purge messages in Delete all messages from the topic.

7 days. In this case, you have to change the retention time to 1 second, after which the messages from the topic will be deleted.

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Kafka delete messages in topic

You can use a KafkaProducer node to publish messages from your message flow to a topic that is hosted on a Kafka server. For more information about using a KafkaProducer node, see Producing messages on Kafka topics. From: Todd Palino < [email protected] > To: " [email protected] " < [email protected] > Sent: Tuesday, 14 June 2016 10:01 PM Subject: Re: Delete Message From topic Well, if you have a log compacted topic, you can issue a tombstone message (key with a null message) to delete it. Outside of that, what Tom said applies. kafka-configs --zookeeper localhost:2181 \ --entity-type topics \ --entity-name my-topic \ --alter --add-config retention.ms=100 Then, wait for the brokers to remove the messages with expired retention (that is, all of them). To know if the process is finished, check whether the start offset and end offset are the same. 2019-11-14 · If you need to delete all messages in topic, you can exploit the retention times.

First, set the retention.ms to 100 milliseconds. kafka-delete-records supports and requires certain switches.
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Kafka delete messages in topic

The reason is that the messages are expired and deleted from the topic, but the offset has its retention period. By default, this retention period is 1 week, so although there is no data, the current offset for a consumer is '2'. 2021-02-21 · We must note that the consumer is always reading messages from the beginning as we need a consumer that reads any available message in Kafka.

bin/kafka-topics.sh --zookeeper localhost:2181 --delete --topic mytopic How many messages you have in a topic and overall.
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